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Below are links to any code I developed that is either provided in a paper's Supplementary Information or has been requested but is not in an SI or on GitHub - i.e. code for making figures. Longer scripts (e.g. computational projections and Shiny apps) can be found on my GitHub

Field and Elphick 2019, Quantifying the return on investment of social and ecological data for conservation planning.

Code for "fraction-of-the-spares" calculations and Bayesian land cost models.

Field et al. 2019, Framework for quantifying population responses to disturbance reveals that coastal birds are highly resilient to hurricanes.

Code for prior population model and population projections with simulated disturbances.

Field et al. 2018, Quantifying the importance of geographic replication and representativeness when estimating demographic rates.

Code for Bayesian models of spatial variation, population growth rate models, and sample simulations.

Field et al. 2017, Landowner behavior can determine the success of conservation strategies for ecosystem migration under sea-level rise. 

Code for estimating the effects of variables that influence behavioral intentions.

Field et al. 2017, High-resolution tide projections reveal extinction threshold in response to sea-level rise.

Code for hierarchical models of non-tidal fluctuations and offspring survival.

Field et al. 2016, Forest resistance to sea-level rise prevents landward migration of tidal marsh.

Code for hierarchical trend models.

Field et al. 2016, How does choice of statistical method to adjust counts for imperfect detection affect inferences about animal abundance?

Code for models to account for imperfect detection.

Reed et al. 2014. Application of the complete-data likelihood to estimate juvenile and adult survival for the endangered Hawaiian stilt.

Code for annual survival models.

Code for the posterior predictive checks in Figure 4b.

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